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Love affects everything you do. It drives everything you do. And the days and times where you are trying to fight your way out of something that feels difficult, uncomfortable, and painful, you are trying to get back to your connection to your love. And do not be deceived. Love is not always emotional. Love is not always feeling. Love is a power that has many sides and many faces. It is your strength.

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Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels. Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanation. I have time to iron my sheets, I just don’t want to. But other things are harder. Try it: “I’m not going to edit your résumé, sweetie, because it’s not a priority.” “I don’t go to the doctor because my health is not a priority.” If these phrases don’t sit well, that’s the point. Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice. If we don’t like how we’re spending an hour, we can choose differently.

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you know rocks are free …right? you can go outside and take rocks for free, as many as you can handle. the people know about this right??? free rocks outside just laying there??? ok just making sure….